Saturday, October 27, 2012


Richard (of RBB) wrote a post some time ago of his experiences ordering wine in RSA's and Cosmopolitan clubs. These drinking establishments are used to serving beer and spirit drinks so wine is usually out of the norm.

I now know how he feels.

I recently joined the local club up North where I live. It is not an RSA or a Cosmopolitan club but is similar. Its just up the road so quite handy. I've only been there a couple of times so on Friday night, as I was alone (Her Indoors is on Stewart Island this weekend) I decided to go to the club for tea instead of cooking. My sister told me that they serve great fish and chips and salad. She was right - it was superb.

When I went to the bar to order a wine (Mount Riley Chardonnay) the bar maid asked if I wanted it in a tall glass or a half-pint handle.


Half pint handle
Had she been checking out the recycle bin on Monday mornings to see how much Chardonnay I get through? I know that I drink a bit of the stuff but a half-pint glass!

Maybe she was a Brit.

Not uncommon it seems in the UK.

I siad that I preferred a wine glass which I duly got (filled to the brim for $5 - a bargain).

I think If I frequent the club a lot I'd better not drive.


  1. Ha Ha.
    That reminds me of when I went into Nuova Lazio RSA.
    (Actually it reminds me of everytime I go out for a drink)

    Richard (of RBB)

  2. That wasn't me!
    The NLRSA actually serves sensible sizes. I have, on occasions, asked for a bigger glass though.

  3. It reminds me of when I used to smoke, they always aothered me the longer cigarettes for the same price!