Wednesday, October 3, 2012


China has flooded the world for years with cheap, low quality goods that have been at times shoddy and dangerous. When not a commodity they have been rubbish brands and even counterfeits.

It has been interesting to watch the spat between the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association (CADIA) and the EU over the last month.
CADIA is accusing the EU of dumping cheap and low quality wine into the Chinese market thereby inhibiting the development of the Chinese wine market. This relates to the large amoints of cheap Soanish wine being imported.
I am reminded of Rob Muldoon's famous quip when asked what he thought of the the high numbers of unemployed New Zealanders seeking the dole in Australia.
Muldoon said something along the lines that it raises the average IQ of both countries.

re The cheap and low quality Spanish wine going into China it makes me think that it raises the average wine quality of both countries.


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